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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What now Lord???

Since even before Brooks and I arrived to Mostar, we caught ourselves couple of times, asking God to show us what it is He wants us to do? It’s a tough question that’s why sometimes we feel like we don’t see an answer. Still there’s always an answer.

Last night was our first worship meeting and I love to worship. It is probably my favorite time with God.  And during worship God reminded me of a phrase we often use jokingly and that is “judgment free zone”. I thought to myself this is exactly how I feel in worship. There's no judgment, no evil looks just rest and fun time with our daddy. So I shared and encouraged the group to really take the worship nights and to feel free, judgment free zone, just you and God.

Later we talked and said how sometimes we talk with our friends and it’s not always that we want or need them to give us any kind of advice. Sometimes we just want them to listen. After everyone was gone I caught myself again asking God what it is you want from me from Brooks and I? Well I didn’t get an answer, at least not as an audible voice of God or a vision, or even a dove landing on my shoulders. It was more like a realization or revelation: FRIEND.

I strongly feel, in these next few months here we are to be friends. To listen and not necessarily talk back, instead worship. Worship is going to bring us all together, but more importantly closer to Christ. Worship speaks volumes, it crosses barriers, differences, it crosses oceans. So as we gather here to worship join us in prayer and praise. Please feel free to contact us if you have any praise and worship music you love so much you just want to share it with the whole world.

We will take it and sing it over our country, our friends, ourselves

God bless

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coming home

The day came fast and Brooks, myself and our seven bags were on our way to Mostar!!!! God has blessed our trip here so we were able to visit with our dear friends in TX, we had great flights, all of our bags arrived safely so to you all; thank you for covering us with prayer.

After about 24 hours we were excited to arrive in Mostar. We are still working on getting things situated but all in all, coming home is always good. So far we were able to see lots of our friends as well as lots of missionmostar friends.

Just like it always happens lots has changed here too. Political and economical situation has not improved a lot but we also noticed changes in spiritual situation. Our church family and friends here are still under a lot of attack wheatear it’s from their family, friends or the enemy himself. Some of them are growing weary but still nothing will change their passion and love for God. One of the first things we’ve noticed is the urgency for prayer covering. 

Dear missionmostar we urge you to get on your knees and ask our Daddy how you can pray for Mostar and missions here. From what we see here right now we’ve decided to focus a lot on prayer and reconnecting with our friends. So for this next period we ask you to join us in prayer for MissionMostar, for the youth, the kids, especially those in missionmostar kids club, as well as for Brooks and me (Julijana) too.

Please contact us and we will make sure your prayer list gets longer!

Be patient as we are trying to get situated and get our internet working but we guarantee you will be hearing all about our days here.

God bless

Brooks and Julijana