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Monday, January 25, 2010

Press on in 2010

Everyone is doing something in MissionMostar from the arts to traveling. MissionMostar is a 501c-3 humanitarian organization. Brooks Cone is the acting Missions Leader and Coordinator of MissionMostar INC. Tatjana Mikulic is the Lead Youth Worker in Mostar with the Otkrivaci Club. We have more than 50 kids coming and going in the club every day. Activities include; arts, worship, crafts, games, movies, travel, dinners, fundraisers, missions trips, and the list goes on and on.

Stateside we have Bruce and Leigh Cone as President and Secretary Treasure. We also have essential board members to held decide the direction and plan behind the missions trips; Doug Black, Cathy Fair, Tom and Elaine Rhein. We are a dedicated team to serve the people of Bosnia and Hercegovina and expand into new countries and regions in the world.

Help donate today through charitable giving, sports equipment purchases or prayer. We need sponsors to continue what we feel is God's leading in OUR missions field.


Brooks Cone