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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Continuing Revival

The Continuing Revival
I remember watching movies as a kid with future like special effects and dates like; “in the near future 2010 or 2022” We are there, we are in the future. God is so good. We are not dressed up looking like mad max (well most of us) and the world has yet to be visited by aliens controlled by robots and California is still with us. But let’s look at what has happened. God has taken many of us around the world in missions and humanitarian work. We fight as one nation under God against the dark vial of terrorism, and we are winning. New York City is a beautiful strong city. Revival in Lakeland Florida, Kansas City International House of Prayer has just begun their revival. God is speaking through and moving the church into deeper worship. Marriages take place and we all grow a little older. This is God, this is His hand and His work on our lives. The old had so much beauty and pain, fear and victory. We must attest that God is good in wake of all that has happened in the past decade, God has seen us through and with so many things happening it is truly impossible to deny the works of God in our lives. Praise Jesus for the old and let’s get excited for the New. God is doing something radically new and different. Remember the old, but be ready for the new and I pray that we never rely on our understanding, but that we trust in God and in whatever move He is blessing. The Revival continues here in New Jersey as churches from around the state gather in Prayer and Worship. Bosnia and Hercegovina move to a Harp and Bowl style of worship, and South Africa continues to send out missinaries to all parts of the world. We are in the Revival Generation. God is leading us into astonishing things in this new year and in the many years to follow in ministry, life and worship. God Bless
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~Brooks Cone