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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On the road again

What an amazing time we’ve had this past two weeks. For those who followed us on Facebook or Twitter you noticed we had  a lot of fun traveling, visiting, networking, itinerating. We started off way south in Key largo and worked our way up to Orlando, Lake Panasoffkee, Savannah, Atlanta and back to Oklahoma! During this time we met with many of our old contacts and were blessed with all new ones too. We had the opportunity to share with the Church of the Messiah God’s vision and our plan for the ministry. We also  partnered with other mission organizations and businesses while on the trip. Be on the lookout for some exciting mission trips and events coming soon!We were truly blessed to be able to reconnect with our old friends, pray, be prayed for, share and fellowship together.

After a successful trip filled with blessings and prayer as well as  a couple of back aches from driving many many miles we are already planning on visiting some of our other contacts this time closer to Oklahoma. We were also just asked to share at a local church here in Skiatook. God is blessing us in so many ways.Please keeps us in your prayers as we are trying to raise money for MissionMostar and answer God’s calling on our lives. If you’d like to have us visit you, or if you want us to share at your local church or community,  let us know and we’ll be there. Be blessed until next week!

P.S. MissionMostar has a challenge for everyone! As you read this blog entry we challenge you to reply to it with a prayer need, encouragement or just because we want to know you’re out there and you’re with us on this adventure.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Vision


Writing your vision is not an easy task. You kind of put your thoughts, your heart out there for all to see. And then people look to you trying to see any signs of this same vision coming to life. So I am glad that God is the author and finisher of our faith for it is out of our faith and hope we are writing this vision;

MissionMostar in 2011 has plans of returning to Mostar for a few months. The reason behind it is to refresh the relationships that were left behind and to find new ones. Part of our vision is to renew and refresh the ties with our friends, youth and kids, to share our refreshed excitement for God through worship, sports, and bible studies. We want to see MissionMostar get involved more with what the churches are doing in B&H and to somehow offer up more assistance. So it’s a goal of ours to attend conferences as well as organize them for the people of BiH. MissionMostar wants to get involved with summer camps, bible study groups, prayer groups and just being a part of everything it can...

It is our prayer and hope that 2011 brings expansion and growth in the children’s club. Over the years the number of kids coming to events and programs held by MM has grown tremendously, so we really want to see how we can get more volunteers involved this year. We want to expanding the sports club to even a bigger space for all the activities and programs we wish to see happen this year. Our vision for 2011 is big, but our God is bigger. Please join with is in prayers for our vision, this year we have huge goals that can only be met by God.

By Julijana Cone


Monday, January 3, 2011


Starting March 2011 Brooks and Julijana Cone will be returning to the Mission's field on a permanent basis. God has been speaking to us and we feel it’s time to step out in faith and really push ourselves and our ministry to new levels and opportunities. We have been praying earnestly about the direction and blessings God has for us and we believe very strongly that we are to return to the Mission field. Scary times one might think about returning to the ministry full time, fully relying on support alone. I agree! But I also believe that this is what God has for us. I've spent days and nights crying out to God for rock solid confirmation of this endeavor and I got it. My head and heart is for missions, ministering to hearts and souls that long for something more meaning full in life... God. My passion is sharing what God has, is and will do in my life and in the lives of those who meet Him for the first time. Our vision is to share in Worship, Love and Compassion for God's people and be a part of a rejoicing hope and future (Isaiah 55:5-7).

We can't do it alone, like everything in this world; we rely on the color green for purchasing those ticketed items. We need cash to make our paper ideas, physical realities. We are call out to you to please partner with us in prayer, and then to seriously consider partnering with us on a monetary level. There are so many ways you can help!

Speaking Engagements for the Ministry Team

Any opportunity to share with your local church, community clubs and businesses the vision and dreams of MissionMostar to get everyone involved with an understanding of what the body of Christ is doing around the world.

Monthly Support

Monthly donations that will help sustain the everyday needs of our Missionary teams abroad and the multiple ministries’ we are involved in.

One Time Donation

Generous one time donation are needed to help fund summer projects for; the homeless, children's camps, outreaches and unforeseen ministry expenses (IE; natural disasters and families in need)

Gently Used Goods

Get with the ministry team to help give away gently used sports equipment, blankets and other possible items to help build on existing ministries. (Contact before sending due to certain restrictions)

There are a number of ways one can get involved with Mission Mostar. Truth is with you and God's faithfulness, there is no limitation to the growing revival and lives MissionMostar is changing. Partnering with us in 2011 equals success, so let's see what God can do around the world and in our lives this year. Ten years we have been in Mission's ministry together, I look forward to the next decade to see what God is going to do.

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