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Monday, December 13, 2010

Humane Society and Seeing Eye Dogs



This Holiday Season the kids are giving back to the community and helping canines and kids find friendships that will last a life time. Over the last couple of months Tatjana has been leading the Otkrivaci kids of Mostar to volunteer with the city of Mostar’s new Humane Society. The kids have been volunteering their time and energy in finding; homes, food, shelter and funds for man’s best friend. This brilliant idea by Tatjana has been a way for our kids to give back to the community and really get involved into something bigger than they are! It’s been teaching our kids responsibilities and communication skills as the kids work side by side with adults, adoption families and dogs who need constant care. Praise God as this has been a real treat for everyone to give on a number of levels. God is really using this project to teach the kids and leaders on a number of levels. What a blessing it is to have so many kids and leader committed to serving the Lord in every way possible.

Recently the kids and Tatjana have been raising funds for a woman in Banja Luka, to receive a seeing eye dog. The woman has been without sight and the cost of a trained seeing eye dog is more than years worth of pay for most families in Bosnia and Hercegovina. So the kids and leaders of Mission Mostar and Otkrivaci took to action and raised some 200KM ($170+/-) for the donations of the service dog.  Here is some of the article recently published for any help with the donations;


“ For all these reasons we decided to help  her on the way to run fundraising campaign since Klara is unable to pay 13, 000 EUR as needed for a trained dog and Klara’s training at a Croatian Centre for training guide dogs and mobility “SILVER” in Zagreb. In addition to showing humanity for Klara, a person with special needs,we were also encouraged at our decision by the fact that this would be the first guide dog in the city of Banja Luka, which would have a positive effect on the inhabitants and thereby encourage the relevant institutions to change the attitudes and the legislation for people with special needs as well as the overall attitude towards dogs as animal species.
We believe that by working together with you we will successfully fulfill Klara’s desire to achieve  mobility so that she is less dependent on the assistance from other people and to provide her with the possibility of living independently and express all her skills and enthusiasm, regardless of her disability. ”


This is Klara the women in need of a Seeing Eye Dog


Thanks for supporting the Mission Mostar team in Bosnia and Hercegovina and check back with us as we continue to update the situations and works of the ministry in Mostar, BiH, and around the world. Blessings to everyone this Holiday Season and we look forward to what God will do in 2011.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Next Step

MissionMostar has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last few years. God’s GPS is taking us on a new route. Please pray with us as we look to expanding the ministry fields of MissionMostar to “Down South”

We are not going to reveal where just yet, but know that the missionaries and leaders of MissionMostar are excited about perusing the next move of God.


  “and perhaps I will stay with you or even spend the winter, so that you may help me on my journey, wherever I go.” 1 Corinthians 16:6


With the onset of winter, our plan is to pray and intercede for a future and specific direction for our ministry. We ask for support and prayer as we slowly revealed the calling on our lives. This time in our lives (Brooks and Julijana) is particularly hard as it seems everything is about to change. Without reveling everything I just want to say thank you for your faithfulness over the years and we look forward to seeing a lot of you in the very near future. God Bless until more is reveled.

Dockerys 014


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oklahoma Plains

Oklahoma Where the Lord Comes Sweeping Across the Plain

On August the 15th, five missionaries from the Flemington AG Church took to the road for a week of ministry. During their seven day ministry trip, they partook in; Evangelism, Water Outreach, Sidewalk Art, Lake Ministry, Baptisms, and Prayer walks. The breath of God truly swept the plains and much of the Midwest and Eastern states as this anointed team preached to more than 395 peoples. The Lord worked so many miracles as people were healed, baptized and prayed for!

For me one of the most memorable days of this trip was in Columbus Ohio one of the stops along the way headed back to New Jersey. It was Saturday morning and we had stopped to do some ministry on the streets of downtown Columbus. We split the groups up into two teams and the teams went out to pray and pass out bible tracks. I was just going to follow and take pictures to encourage and oversee the ministry when I heard in my spirit to walk to the court house and pray. So I did not thinking too much about it. I could see the kids in the distance and no one was anywhere near the courthouse. So I figured I’m just prayer walking. Then a couple emerges from behind the Ben Franklin statue. They were both injured. She had had surgery on her right leg, he was suffering with Arthritis. God said; “pray for them both” So of course I did.

I approached the couple and asked if I could pray with them. They both agreed and looked a little irritated as if they had been through this before and they just wanted to be left alone. I persisted and began to pray. I said I believe God wants to heal them. They both chuckled and said sure. I said if God can’t heal them and you’re not well today God is a liar and everything misconception you’ve ever thought about God is true. However, that today all Glory would be given to the Father and God would be magnified though a mighty work and that their testimony in this moment would expand the kingdom. They looked at me in disbelief first at what I had said and then at the fact that if God didn’t do something incredible, I was to blame. I was thinking the same thing. I was mortified at what I had just said. But there was no turning back. I knew what God had said and I just had to do it. I began to pray for the woman first. I said Lord you are glorious and by the works of your victory on the cross we command this foot to be healed in the name of Jesus. That was it. I stepped back and said give it a try. She looked at me confused as if to say that’s it? I nodded in response hoping that this indeed was it because I couldn’t think of anything else. With a moment of silence she said thank you and began wrapping her ankle with the brace the doctor gave her. I said “No! Try it out.” She looked at me in irritation and then began to slowly with hesitation moving her broken ankle. Faster and faster she began to move her foot and then jumped to her feet screaming “Oh my God, Oh S**t its better, Oh my God.” This went on for some time. Then she took me by the hand and asked if I would pray with her friend. I looked at his withered hand and prayed with him. He smiled and looked at me and said thanks and then put his hand back down. Not satisfied I asked him to remove the bandages and sling and give it a try. She chimed in “God please” He willingly undid the bandages and as the last wrap came off, both her and the arthritis victim screamed “Oh my God its normal!” “I can move it” he shouted. They began to dance and cry and praise God. It was awesome.

For the next couple of minutes we prayed and shared testimonies and revelations. It was beautiful to watch God at work in so many lives, including my own. For well over an hour they stayed to pray and worship the Lord. God did mighty works during the Oklahoma ministry trip; it was truly a wave of refreshing across the plains and for the ministry team. This was just one of many more miracles and testimonies we had this summer. To God be the glory and praise. All in all it was seven ministry days, 395 people witnessed to, 65 prayer intercessions and four salvations. What a blessing to be a part of the Kingdom of God.

We can’t wait to see what God is going to do next.

For more information on these and other ministry projects check out our web page at www.missionmostar.com

Monday, August 9, 2010


Over the past couple of weeks the enemy has been attacking every angle of our lives. The attacks come not as a big surprise but more as an annoyance and irritation. The seemingly constant problems or “situations” at; work, home, church, the ministry field, family and friends are making for a whole lot of little annoyances adding up to one big melt down. I for one am not going to stand for it. The enemy thinks that by pecking away at the little things in life it will deter me Call_of_Duty_Modern_Warfare_2from keeping my focus on God or interrupt my prayer life. Well, it’s not going to happen. My foot is coming down hard and it coming down on solid ground. My prayers, joy in life and love for people will not faint in my life, as a matter of fact, I’m on full alert and my prayers will only double. My joy and love will only be stronger and with more purpose. God has chosen us for this moment and I for one am going to emerge victorious with Christ as my pillar, my compass, a true north in the midst of what seems to be chaos.

I say no more and I want you to know we the ministry team, missionaries and leaders around the world are taking up arms and praying for a shift in the spirit realm. In all of this; stuff, we declare it all joy when we encounter these kinds of adversities, because it tries our faith and purges us from the trivial things in our lives and gets up to focus on what really matters. God and His people! So take to the prayer closet, run to church and worship with the body, read the word and declare its promises on your family. We are not alone. We are victorious because this battle has already been won by our Savior Jesus Christ.

Warfare doesn't have to be a big deal. We worship a God who was, who is, and who is to come. He intercedes for us and the well-being of our spirit man. I declare to you, you’re going to be ok. No, you’re going to be better than ok, you’re going to be overwhelmed by the deluge of victory songs sung out over your life by the God of all creation saying; “That’s my bride, my love, my son/daughter.” This attack, it’s not a big deal, its only trying to be. God, now He’s a BIG DEAL!

“Lord, I pray protection to all those who read this e-mail. There are battles that rages on, but help us, to focus on you. Let the love and passions of Jesus Christ flow out of us in every circumstance in our lives. I pray we go deeper with you. I pray we row deeper and paddle harder on this river of life. We are only skimming the surface of what you have for us and I pray we go deeper and faster into your plans for our lives. Lord, give us eyes to see what you are doing, ears to hear what we should say, and boldness to preach truth. I pray that we would be lights in a world dark and desperate for change. Release a greater love in us to share with those who have none. Help us to stand strong against the works of the enemy to always seek your face first. We will not be deterred of who You are and what You’ve done for us. Lord we give you all honor and praise in every situation in our lives.  We ask all this in your name Jesus.”


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There is a great move of God happening right now, but whenever there is a mighty move of God there is an attack from the enemy. Attack is eminent when God is doing something new; it’s a diversion technic to keep us from focusing on God’s “New Stuff”. So to counter act the attack, we are calling for prayer. Prayer is the best and strongest weapon we have against schemes of the enemy. Join with us in prayer for protection for; MissionMostar, ministries, leaders, children and families in these critical times!

Here is the scoop on some attacks. State side, we are dealing with relationship and financial attacks. The enemy is doing everything he can to stir up feelings of rejection and confusion among friends and families. God is bigger than any conflict and is the author of love so, pray for love and wisdom in all relationships and among families and friends around the United States. Along with attacks toward families, financial attacks are prevalent; there have been charges that are not valid and thievery among missionaries worldwide. Pray for financial stability, and for protection against corrupt and sly dealings toward honest people. When we are faithful in our tithe and offering before God, His promise is to fill our store houses and the enemy is trying to come in like a cockroach stealing wherever he can. Pray for protection against this and against loss of blessings. God is stronger than anything the enemy can take away and He will make the enemy repay hundred fold what he has taken.

Overseas, we need prayer for the people. The enemy has been attacking our kids and youth. When I was in Mostar last June, the enemy attacked our kids with force. One of our kids who were riding his bicycle was struck by a car and broke his arm. There was a miracle as we were there and got to pray for him so there were no real injuries and we even got to watch his leg healed! However, this is an attack. This is not the only time. About a week ago another child was hit by a car while crossing the road. This time no one was there to help and the child is in a coma in the hospital in Mostar. Pray for protection and for angels to be released to stand guard over our loved ones and the called of God.

God is doing a mighty thing! There are more kids in the club in Mostar than ever before and the ministries around the world are growing. God is revealing great mysteries in the bible and thousands are hearing the Glory of God in a deep revelation of the father. Global revival is awakening and stirring God’s creation. The enemy fears and is retaliating. This is nothing to be afraid of, but this is reason to pray more fiercely and more earnestly than ever before. Join with us as we pray for God’s will to be done.

Lord, you know your people, you know our deepest needs and you love us beyond understanding. We pray your will and your grace to fill our lives. We love you God and we ask in the name of Jesus to fill us with the love and compassion, zeal and power of the greatness of God. Lead our spirits in prayer, intercession and worship for the Glory of our King. We want heaven to invade earth! We pray your will be done in the name of Jesus Christ.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Need Your Help!

To all of our friends!!!!
Greetings and God’s anointing to all. As many of you have already heard, MissionMostar is headed to Costa Rica on a mission trip from July 6th to 21st 2010. We are so excited to bring MissionMostar to yet another place where people are in need of God and fellowship. On this trip, MissionMostar will be teaming up with Gateway Church from Bridgewater, NJ. We will be visiting churches and communities from coast to coast in the rugged land of Costa Rica! God has given us favor this year to set up VBS for the church, as well as to do puppet outreach, arts and crafts, games with kids, drama skits and sports outreaches. This year we will be traveling with 15 other missionaries. God has opened the door wide for Mission Mostar and Gateway Church to really pour out God’s blessing there.
This mission trip is launching us into the future of what God has and what God is doing around the world with MissionMostar. Would you partner with us as we reach out to those ready to hear the Gospel? We are in need of financial blessing in upwards of $5,000 (or more if you feel led!!!) for Brooks and I to be able to travel together. It is our honor and privilege to be a part of something as amazing as the young people of Costa Rica and the ever growing church there. Would you partner with us and share in the blessings that God is pouring out down south? We are also in need of prayer as we are traveling with kids, and the ministry team. Brooks has also been asked to share a message during one of the Sunday services. Pray that God will use him and us, as the team performs two powerful drama skits in hopes of reaching those in need of Jesus! Help us extend our hands to the nations! Help us change lives in Costa Rica!!!!! Your donations are welcome and your prayers even more so!!!!We look forward to seeing God’s works on this trip and sharing them with you upon our return!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a Trip to Mostar

Last week, I was in Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina, visiting friends, the kids and family. It was so nice to be back in the country where ministry for me all began. We've been in ministry together for almost 10 years, you and I. God is still doing amazing works and Revival continues as more kids continue to hear the gospel interact in games that keep them off the streets and share in friendships that will last a lifetime. While on this trip, we spent time with the kids rock climbing in a new sports facility located on one of the newly renovated college campuses. It was fun the kids got an opportunity to try out climbing on a small indoor rock wall. There were 9 kids that day and it was so much fun. Thanks to Tatjana (the leader in Mostar) and Mario (one of the kids dads) for driving us to and from the complex.
God also healed a boy after being hit by a car last Saturday. Tatjana and I were walking to a coffee bar for drinks and fellowship and God was just pressing in our hearts that something wasn't right. So we prayed and told the kids to be careful. The kids were riding there bikes and there was a lot of traffic that day around the sports club and coffee bars. It wasn't 10 minutes after we told the kids to be care that "BAM" (To Finish this story, you'll have to check out our full web page at http://www.missionmostar.com/

All in all the week I spent in Mostar was blessed. We had miracles, got so much work done and just shared in the lives of people. God is doing amazing things through Tatjana and the Otkrivaci klub there and through all of us here in the States. We have more than 60 kids and God is just going to keep doing more.
That's it for now. God Bless and check out our Web page. http://www.missionmostar.com/

Brooks Cone

Monday, May 3, 2010


MissionMostar is getting a WEB SITE!!! After much prayer and discussion from the board and ministry team, MissionMostar is going to be web active in the latter part of this spring. The cost for the Web Site is just under $1000 and with this modern information marvel, people will be able to get very interactive with; who we are, what we do, videos, a gallery, newsletter archives and a donation tab. We are becoming more high tech all the time. Praise God, MissionMostar is growing by leaps and bounds. There are no borders to what God is going to do with MissionMostar and the ministries around the World.

He is coming quickly and we are called to get the word out. What better way to do this than a Web Site that can be seen and accessed around the world. Everything we do, we do to the praises of our King.

If you have something you would like to publish on our page or photos to upload or if you want to just donate to make this all possible, please contact me at missionmostar@gmail.com God is working in a mighty way, what a privilege to be apart of something so amazing. I feel so blessed to share this and be apart of something so awesome together. Thank you to all who pray for MissionMostar and for those who donate so much time effort and money into the growth of God's Kingdom and our Ministry.

~MissionMostar Team

Travel to BiH has been delayed

Travel to BiH has been delayed. Due to a very active volcano in the heart of Iceland, travel to and fro in Europe has been sketchy at best. After much prayer and thought about whether or not to partake on our adventure we were advice by family and friends that now might not be the best time.

Our plan was to be in Mostar on April 26 - May 5. We are still planning on visiting Mostar this spring we are just pushing back the date to hopefully to the beginning of June. Please be in prayer for us as we wait on God's perfect timing, and that this Volcano goes back to sleep. Tim Anderson a friend and colleague here in New Jersey will be joining me on this (next) trip. He is musically talented and has a passionate love for Christ Jesus. Pray for us as we wait on God and gear up for ministry.

Keep checking back on our Blog to see what's new and what God is doing with the MissionMostar Ministry Team. God Bless


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


BY: Tatjana Mikulic

This month has gone very quickly.
We had a very interesting time in the club and outside the club.
We learned about fellowship with each other.
We played together all of the games, mostly football and hockey for good times. Thank God for the time. Much of the new children visit to see what we do, some even come with their parents and it was very good to share with them our club.
The last two Saturdays at the club we were getting ready for Easter.
Children were very happy because I really wanted to be closer to them all at Easter.
Several children were also there when we had the play for Easter in the church. Mostly the same kids come every year with their parents to church to see the plays for children for Easter and Christmas, but this year in the church i also brought kids from the club so that many children come with their parents.
Children were really happy coloring eggs, breaking egg competition (a Mostar tradition) that is to see who's egg is the strongest of everyones. It has been a good month praise the Lord.
Thank you to everyone for everything you have now enabled us to do and be apart of.
God bless you, everyone greetings from me. I love you and pray for you,

yours Taca

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Continuing Revival

The Continuing Revival
I remember watching movies as a kid with future like special effects and dates like; “in the near future 2010 or 2022” We are there, we are in the future. God is so good. We are not dressed up looking like mad max (well most of us) and the world has yet to be visited by aliens controlled by robots and California is still with us. But let’s look at what has happened. God has taken many of us around the world in missions and humanitarian work. We fight as one nation under God against the dark vial of terrorism, and we are winning. New York City is a beautiful strong city. Revival in Lakeland Florida, Kansas City International House of Prayer has just begun their revival. God is speaking through and moving the church into deeper worship. Marriages take place and we all grow a little older. This is God, this is His hand and His work on our lives. The old had so much beauty and pain, fear and victory. We must attest that God is good in wake of all that has happened in the past decade, God has seen us through and with so many things happening it is truly impossible to deny the works of God in our lives. Praise Jesus for the old and let’s get excited for the New. God is doing something radically new and different. Remember the old, but be ready for the new and I pray that we never rely on our understanding, but that we trust in God and in whatever move He is blessing. The Revival continues here in New Jersey as churches from around the state gather in Prayer and Worship. Bosnia and Hercegovina move to a Harp and Bowl style of worship, and South Africa continues to send out missinaries to all parts of the world. We are in the Revival Generation. God is leading us into astonishing things in this new year and in the many years to follow in ministry, life and worship. God Bless
Be apart of this and Mission Mostar as we press into God and advancing the Kingdom

Help us in;





Whatever God is leading to be apart of we want to bless you and say thank you for all your years of faithful service.

~Brooks Cone

Monday, January 25, 2010

Press on in 2010

Everyone is doing something in MissionMostar from the arts to traveling. MissionMostar is a 501c-3 humanitarian organization. Brooks Cone is the acting Missions Leader and Coordinator of MissionMostar INC. Tatjana Mikulic is the Lead Youth Worker in Mostar with the Otkrivaci Club. We have more than 50 kids coming and going in the club every day. Activities include; arts, worship, crafts, games, movies, travel, dinners, fundraisers, missions trips, and the list goes on and on.

Stateside we have Bruce and Leigh Cone as President and Secretary Treasure. We also have essential board members to held decide the direction and plan behind the missions trips; Doug Black, Cathy Fair, Tom and Elaine Rhein. We are a dedicated team to serve the people of Bosnia and Hercegovina and expand into new countries and regions in the world.

Help donate today through charitable giving, sports equipment purchases or prayer. We need sponsors to continue what we feel is God's leading in OUR missions field.


Brooks Cone