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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There is a great move of God happening right now, but whenever there is a mighty move of God there is an attack from the enemy. Attack is eminent when God is doing something new; it’s a diversion technic to keep us from focusing on God’s “New Stuff”. So to counter act the attack, we are calling for prayer. Prayer is the best and strongest weapon we have against schemes of the enemy. Join with us in prayer for protection for; MissionMostar, ministries, leaders, children and families in these critical times!

Here is the scoop on some attacks. State side, we are dealing with relationship and financial attacks. The enemy is doing everything he can to stir up feelings of rejection and confusion among friends and families. God is bigger than any conflict and is the author of love so, pray for love and wisdom in all relationships and among families and friends around the United States. Along with attacks toward families, financial attacks are prevalent; there have been charges that are not valid and thievery among missionaries worldwide. Pray for financial stability, and for protection against corrupt and sly dealings toward honest people. When we are faithful in our tithe and offering before God, His promise is to fill our store houses and the enemy is trying to come in like a cockroach stealing wherever he can. Pray for protection against this and against loss of blessings. God is stronger than anything the enemy can take away and He will make the enemy repay hundred fold what he has taken.

Overseas, we need prayer for the people. The enemy has been attacking our kids and youth. When I was in Mostar last June, the enemy attacked our kids with force. One of our kids who were riding his bicycle was struck by a car and broke his arm. There was a miracle as we were there and got to pray for him so there were no real injuries and we even got to watch his leg healed! However, this is an attack. This is not the only time. About a week ago another child was hit by a car while crossing the road. This time no one was there to help and the child is in a coma in the hospital in Mostar. Pray for protection and for angels to be released to stand guard over our loved ones and the called of God.

God is doing a mighty thing! There are more kids in the club in Mostar than ever before and the ministries around the world are growing. God is revealing great mysteries in the bible and thousands are hearing the Glory of God in a deep revelation of the father. Global revival is awakening and stirring God’s creation. The enemy fears and is retaliating. This is nothing to be afraid of, but this is reason to pray more fiercely and more earnestly than ever before. Join with us as we pray for God’s will to be done.

Lord, you know your people, you know our deepest needs and you love us beyond understanding. We pray your will and your grace to fill our lives. We love you God and we ask in the name of Jesus to fill us with the love and compassion, zeal and power of the greatness of God. Lead our spirits in prayer, intercession and worship for the Glory of our King. We want heaven to invade earth! We pray your will be done in the name of Jesus Christ.