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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An August Mostar

This year Mission Mostar has new missionaries, 19 year old Darko Rajic has joined MissionMostar (MM) and is heading up the team and sport club there in Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Darko is a very capable young man; who has a passion for Christ and a love for kids. The sport club runs for a couple of days a week and 20 or more kids come to play hockey, get involved with arts and crafts or just hang out and ask Darko Questions. Darko has been working with MM as a volunteer for 2 years and this year he has joined the staff. We are proud of Darko and all his hard work with the kids and leaders of MM.

The Sports Club has been running non-stop this summer as camps, sports days and parties are offer to anyone interested in attending. The team has been enjoying the summer with kids of all ages in Mostar to help keep the kids busy and off the streets, praying with them and sharing the gospel whenever possible.

August kicks off the hottest part of the year in Mostar and Darko has plans to move forward with ministry and games to attract even more kids. Its been a awesome thing to see Darko running the ministry there in Mostar all by himself this summer. Good Job to Darko and all the volunteers running the ministry in BiH.

God Bless
~Brooks Cone

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Greetings to all,

Mission Mostar is happy to report we are moving forward and things are looking great both on the mission field (in Bosnia and Hercegovina) and here (in Skiatook, Oklahoma). We pray that this letter finds everyone in high spirits and in many blessings.
Down to business, over the last couple of months and weeks, the Mission Mostar team has been visiting ministries abroad, working on a 501c-3 status and getting ready to open the club (in Mostar) to its official summer schedule. We also have planned a board meeting in may.
First up, stateside Mission Mostar has updated and turned in all 501c-3 non-profit status papers and is waiting on the official documentation for humanitarian status. We now have this blogspot, the page is free and you can look at most of the pictures and videos without being a member. Feel free to play around and give any feedback on the blog by emailing Brooks at missionmostar@gmail.com or follow the links on the page.
Next up the ministry in Mostar Bosnia and Hercegovina. The leaders in Mostar, are fired up and ready for Summer. They have begun meetings and are looking to purchase new gear for the spring/summer event's. Things are flourishing as conferences and youth work continues to blossom and grow through the hard working efforts of the ministry team there. Thanks to everyone and there hard work in Mostar.
To conclude with this letter thank you to all who support and pray for the Mission Mostar team, without the team work and efforts of everyone involved, this ministry wouldn't be possible. Thanks you so much. Many blessing in Christ our Lord.
Mission Mostar Ministries
~Brooks Cone