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Monday, May 3, 2010


MissionMostar is getting a WEB SITE!!! After much prayer and discussion from the board and ministry team, MissionMostar is going to be web active in the latter part of this spring. The cost for the Web Site is just under $1000 and with this modern information marvel, people will be able to get very interactive with; who we are, what we do, videos, a gallery, newsletter archives and a donation tab. We are becoming more high tech all the time. Praise God, MissionMostar is growing by leaps and bounds. There are no borders to what God is going to do with MissionMostar and the ministries around the World.

He is coming quickly and we are called to get the word out. What better way to do this than a Web Site that can be seen and accessed around the world. Everything we do, we do to the praises of our King.

If you have something you would like to publish on our page or photos to upload or if you want to just donate to make this all possible, please contact me at missionmostar@gmail.com God is working in a mighty way, what a privilege to be apart of something so amazing. I feel so blessed to share this and be apart of something so awesome together. Thank you to all who pray for MissionMostar and for those who donate so much time effort and money into the growth of God's Kingdom and our Ministry.

~MissionMostar Team

Travel to BiH has been delayed

Travel to BiH has been delayed. Due to a very active volcano in the heart of Iceland, travel to and fro in Europe has been sketchy at best. After much prayer and thought about whether or not to partake on our adventure we were advice by family and friends that now might not be the best time.

Our plan was to be in Mostar on April 26 - May 5. We are still planning on visiting Mostar this spring we are just pushing back the date to hopefully to the beginning of June. Please be in prayer for us as we wait on God's perfect timing, and that this Volcano goes back to sleep. Tim Anderson a friend and colleague here in New Jersey will be joining me on this (next) trip. He is musically talented and has a passionate love for Christ Jesus. Pray for us as we wait on God and gear up for ministry.

Keep checking back on our Blog to see what's new and what God is doing with the MissionMostar Ministry Team. God Bless