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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oklahoma Plains

Oklahoma Where the Lord Comes Sweeping Across the Plain

On August the 15th, five missionaries from the Flemington AG Church took to the road for a week of ministry. During their seven day ministry trip, they partook in; Evangelism, Water Outreach, Sidewalk Art, Lake Ministry, Baptisms, and Prayer walks. The breath of God truly swept the plains and much of the Midwest and Eastern states as this anointed team preached to more than 395 peoples. The Lord worked so many miracles as people were healed, baptized and prayed for!

For me one of the most memorable days of this trip was in Columbus Ohio one of the stops along the way headed back to New Jersey. It was Saturday morning and we had stopped to do some ministry on the streets of downtown Columbus. We split the groups up into two teams and the teams went out to pray and pass out bible tracks. I was just going to follow and take pictures to encourage and oversee the ministry when I heard in my spirit to walk to the court house and pray. So I did not thinking too much about it. I could see the kids in the distance and no one was anywhere near the courthouse. So I figured I’m just prayer walking. Then a couple emerges from behind the Ben Franklin statue. They were both injured. She had had surgery on her right leg, he was suffering with Arthritis. God said; “pray for them both” So of course I did.

I approached the couple and asked if I could pray with them. They both agreed and looked a little irritated as if they had been through this before and they just wanted to be left alone. I persisted and began to pray. I said I believe God wants to heal them. They both chuckled and said sure. I said if God can’t heal them and you’re not well today God is a liar and everything misconception you’ve ever thought about God is true. However, that today all Glory would be given to the Father and God would be magnified though a mighty work and that their testimony in this moment would expand the kingdom. They looked at me in disbelief first at what I had said and then at the fact that if God didn’t do something incredible, I was to blame. I was thinking the same thing. I was mortified at what I had just said. But there was no turning back. I knew what God had said and I just had to do it. I began to pray for the woman first. I said Lord you are glorious and by the works of your victory on the cross we command this foot to be healed in the name of Jesus. That was it. I stepped back and said give it a try. She looked at me confused as if to say that’s it? I nodded in response hoping that this indeed was it because I couldn’t think of anything else. With a moment of silence she said thank you and began wrapping her ankle with the brace the doctor gave her. I said “No! Try it out.” She looked at me in irritation and then began to slowly with hesitation moving her broken ankle. Faster and faster she began to move her foot and then jumped to her feet screaming “Oh my God, Oh S**t its better, Oh my God.” This went on for some time. Then she took me by the hand and asked if I would pray with her friend. I looked at his withered hand and prayed with him. He smiled and looked at me and said thanks and then put his hand back down. Not satisfied I asked him to remove the bandages and sling and give it a try. She chimed in “God please” He willingly undid the bandages and as the last wrap came off, both her and the arthritis victim screamed “Oh my God its normal!” “I can move it” he shouted. They began to dance and cry and praise God. It was awesome.

For the next couple of minutes we prayed and shared testimonies and revelations. It was beautiful to watch God at work in so many lives, including my own. For well over an hour they stayed to pray and worship the Lord. God did mighty works during the Oklahoma ministry trip; it was truly a wave of refreshing across the plains and for the ministry team. This was just one of many more miracles and testimonies we had this summer. To God be the glory and praise. All in all it was seven ministry days, 395 people witnessed to, 65 prayer intercessions and four salvations. What a blessing to be a part of the Kingdom of God.

We can’t wait to see what God is going to do next.

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Monday, August 9, 2010


Over the past couple of weeks the enemy has been attacking every angle of our lives. The attacks come not as a big surprise but more as an annoyance and irritation. The seemingly constant problems or “situations” at; work, home, church, the ministry field, family and friends are making for a whole lot of little annoyances adding up to one big melt down. I for one am not going to stand for it. The enemy thinks that by pecking away at the little things in life it will deter me Call_of_Duty_Modern_Warfare_2from keeping my focus on God or interrupt my prayer life. Well, it’s not going to happen. My foot is coming down hard and it coming down on solid ground. My prayers, joy in life and love for people will not faint in my life, as a matter of fact, I’m on full alert and my prayers will only double. My joy and love will only be stronger and with more purpose. God has chosen us for this moment and I for one am going to emerge victorious with Christ as my pillar, my compass, a true north in the midst of what seems to be chaos.

I say no more and I want you to know we the ministry team, missionaries and leaders around the world are taking up arms and praying for a shift in the spirit realm. In all of this; stuff, we declare it all joy when we encounter these kinds of adversities, because it tries our faith and purges us from the trivial things in our lives and gets up to focus on what really matters. God and His people! So take to the prayer closet, run to church and worship with the body, read the word and declare its promises on your family. We are not alone. We are victorious because this battle has already been won by our Savior Jesus Christ.

Warfare doesn't have to be a big deal. We worship a God who was, who is, and who is to come. He intercedes for us and the well-being of our spirit man. I declare to you, you’re going to be ok. No, you’re going to be better than ok, you’re going to be overwhelmed by the deluge of victory songs sung out over your life by the God of all creation saying; “That’s my bride, my love, my son/daughter.” This attack, it’s not a big deal, its only trying to be. God, now He’s a BIG DEAL!

“Lord, I pray protection to all those who read this e-mail. There are battles that rages on, but help us, to focus on you. Let the love and passions of Jesus Christ flow out of us in every circumstance in our lives. I pray we go deeper with you. I pray we row deeper and paddle harder on this river of life. We are only skimming the surface of what you have for us and I pray we go deeper and faster into your plans for our lives. Lord, give us eyes to see what you are doing, ears to hear what we should say, and boldness to preach truth. I pray that we would be lights in a world dark and desperate for change. Release a greater love in us to share with those who have none. Help us to stand strong against the works of the enemy to always seek your face first. We will not be deterred of who You are and what You’ve done for us. Lord we give you all honor and praise in every situation in our lives.  We ask all this in your name Jesus.”