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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


BY: Tatjana Mikulic

This month has gone very quickly.
We had a very interesting time in the club and outside the club.
We learned about fellowship with each other.
We played together all of the games, mostly football and hockey for good times. Thank God for the time. Much of the new children visit to see what we do, some even come with their parents and it was very good to share with them our club.
The last two Saturdays at the club we were getting ready for Easter.
Children were very happy because I really wanted to be closer to them all at Easter.
Several children were also there when we had the play for Easter in the church. Mostly the same kids come every year with their parents to church to see the plays for children for Easter and Christmas, but this year in the church i also brought kids from the club so that many children come with their parents.
Children were really happy coloring eggs, breaking egg competition (a Mostar tradition) that is to see who's egg is the strongest of everyones. It has been a good month praise the Lord.
Thank you to everyone for everything you have now enabled us to do and be apart of.
God bless you, everyone greetings from me. I love you and pray for you,

yours Taca