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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Master is in need of it

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to ask people for things? As Brooks and I are getting ready to go back on a mission field we have found ourselves asking around for donations. We’ve visited churches, we wrote multiple letters, we’re constantly online and yet it is still as hard to keep asking for support. Me personally, I always find excuses for other people. Things like , they have their own things to worry about, or they’re really small church, or they’re not into missions . . . the list goes on and on.

But then I get reminded, even as I’m writing just now, there’s no better time then this to get involved into missions. The need to introduce Jesus to the world is not getting any smaller.

Jesus himself asked other people to support him. Remember the story in the Bible when He sent his disciples to ask for support simply saying “the master is in need of it” (Luke 19:30-40)

No explanation necessary! The fields are ripe and the time is now, the master, the kingdom is in need of it!!!!! Please read these verses and see what happens as the result of asking others for support. The master, the kingdom himself rode gloriously into the city and the people praised him.  So really, why does MissionMostar ask for your support? We want to see you play a part in kingdom expansion, we want to see Jesus come into the cities or neighborhoods because of your support. Do you want to be the one who’s “donkey” Jesus rode on into the city?

Yet, after all, I still wish I have the boldness of the disciples to say the kingdom is expanding, the master is coming, and we need your support!!!!!!

Please see how you can get involved with MissionMostar. There are multiple ways for you to show your support, weather it is financially, through prayer or even joining us on a mission trip, or just simply keeping in touch. We just like to see you by our side.

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