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Monday, December 13, 2010

Humane Society and Seeing Eye Dogs



This Holiday Season the kids are giving back to the community and helping canines and kids find friendships that will last a life time. Over the last couple of months Tatjana has been leading the Otkrivaci kids of Mostar to volunteer with the city of Mostar’s new Humane Society. The kids have been volunteering their time and energy in finding; homes, food, shelter and funds for man’s best friend. This brilliant idea by Tatjana has been a way for our kids to give back to the community and really get involved into something bigger than they are! It’s been teaching our kids responsibilities and communication skills as the kids work side by side with adults, adoption families and dogs who need constant care. Praise God as this has been a real treat for everyone to give on a number of levels. God is really using this project to teach the kids and leaders on a number of levels. What a blessing it is to have so many kids and leader committed to serving the Lord in every way possible.

Recently the kids and Tatjana have been raising funds for a woman in Banja Luka, to receive a seeing eye dog. The woman has been without sight and the cost of a trained seeing eye dog is more than years worth of pay for most families in Bosnia and Hercegovina. So the kids and leaders of Mission Mostar and Otkrivaci took to action and raised some 200KM ($170+/-) for the donations of the service dog.  Here is some of the article recently published for any help with the donations;


“ For all these reasons we decided to help  her on the way to run fundraising campaign since Klara is unable to pay 13, 000 EUR as needed for a trained dog and Klara’s training at a Croatian Centre for training guide dogs and mobility “SILVER” in Zagreb. In addition to showing humanity for Klara, a person with special needs,we were also encouraged at our decision by the fact that this would be the first guide dog in the city of Banja Luka, which would have a positive effect on the inhabitants and thereby encourage the relevant institutions to change the attitudes and the legislation for people with special needs as well as the overall attitude towards dogs as animal species.
We believe that by working together with you we will successfully fulfill Klara’s desire to achieve  mobility so that she is less dependent on the assistance from other people and to provide her with the possibility of living independently and express all her skills and enthusiasm, regardless of her disability. ”


This is Klara the women in need of a Seeing Eye Dog


Thanks for supporting the Mission Mostar team in Bosnia and Hercegovina and check back with us as we continue to update the situations and works of the ministry in Mostar, BiH, and around the world. Blessings to everyone this Holiday Season and we look forward to what God will do in 2011.